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Roof Repair

Common Types of Roof Repairs

Roof Flashing Chimney Repair

Dry rotted or Improperly installed pipe flashing(s).

– Standard grade pipe flashings usually fail around the 10-12 year mark, sometimes sooner when exposed to direct sunlight for hours on end. The flange can become dry rotted and cracks, this usually results in ceiling damage and rotted roof decking from water penetration.

Chimney flashing and Wall Flashing

– Flashing is a critical component to your roof. How it’s fastened and whether or not it’s being replaced with a new roof are the two most important factors to consider.
There are multiple types of flashing and they ultimately serve one purpose and function the same. They keep water out. These flashing types include:
– Step flashing
– Apron/wall flashing
– Chimney flashing
– Skylight flashing

Where flashing is nailed and ensuring its proper placement are the most important components to long lasting functionality of your roof flashing without issue.

The most common reason we get calls for leak damage is from homeowners who replaced their roofs that are trying to save on cost not knowing the flashing was being re used.

Roof flashing is located where any roof section meets the exterior wall or side of the house and allows the water to flow down the roof into the gutter.

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Roof Inspection

Roof Repair Raleigh NC

Damaged shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common and affordable roof covering in North Carolina and most of the US. They are simple in their application but the manufactured condition of your shingle and how it’s delivered and installed determines the quality of the shingles performance over many years.

During our free no-obligation roof inspection and assessments, we often find roof shingles that have large holes or gashes from other trades being performed like carpenters doing chimney work, excessive foot traffic or gouges from ladders on lower pitched roofs, to reach hard-to-access areas while repairing fascia or painting your home.

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