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Roof Insurance Claim Process & Answers

Did you know that your homeowners insurance policy likely covers full replacement cost benefits in the event your home has been affected by a storm.
Roofing Insurance Claim

A large percentage of our Raleigh area customers in the market for a new roof are completely unaware that their roof has sustained wind and hail damage when we are called out to do an inspection.

Additionally, they were totally unaware that the first listed peril in their homeowners insurance policy is “Wind/Hail”.

If you’re unsure whether or not you have wind or hail damage, one of our qualified inspectors will be able to inspect your home and diagnose the extent of possible damage.

Because we have experience meeting with thousands of claims adjusters the past 8 years, we know how to determine if you have qualifiable damage to support a claim.

A few things to consider before filing a homeowners insurance claim is your deductible amount, if the storm has fallen within your policy coverage period or if you’ve recently switched insurance companies.

Did you know thet you can file a claim to your prior homeowners insurance carrier if a storm/loss occurred during the coverage period in which you had insurance with the prior company?

In North Carolina you have up to 3 years to file a homeowners insurance claim from the date the storm event occurred.

One thing to keep in mind is some policies have a separate deductible known as a percentage deductible as opposed to a fixed deductible for all Perils.

Percentage deductibles are usually 1% of the appraised tax value on the home. So if you have a $10,000 roof and a 1% deductible on a $500,000 house, you would be paying $5000 or half the cost as opposed to the most common fixed deductible amount of $1000.

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Also, sudden loss claims are paid out as full “replacement cost value” meaning regardless of the age of your roof, if you’ve sustained sudden loss due to a wind/hailstorm you would be paid full fair market value for a new roof if your adjuster agrees to the damage as opposed to a depreciated actual cash value amount based on the age of your roof.

Very few policies in North Carolina are issued as “actual cash value” as opposed to “replacement cost value” but they do exist.

If you would like to know more about processing an insurance claim to your roof, sign up for a free inspection or give Pro Performance Roofing Raleigh a call at (919) 880-9785.

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